🌾 Connecting Farmers,Empowering Communities 🌱

We provide you the best information to get you a great harvest and a ready market to ensure a Great Sale


What we offer !


A network of Farmers from all sectors of Agriculture to enable sharing of information and resources.


A marketplace to facilitate the Buying and selling of Agricultural inputs and outputs of all categories.


Provision of information to enable farmers make the best decisions for better yields. Information provided ranges from News affecting the agricultural sector to real time Market prices and Weather information.

Who we are !

We are a digital platform specialized in providing information and market opportunities to Farmers in all Sectors of the Agricultural industry.
At My Agric-Diary helping farmers succeed is at the core of our culture

  • Society is built on the hard work of farmers.We help build the farmers.
  • We believe Farmers can live comfortable lives too.
  • We serve the common good.
  • We embrace the challenge and seek improvement.

what we do ... Improving Livelihood of farmers. Giving the worlds 'hardest workers' a better chance

how we do it ... We provide farmers the best information needed to enable a great harvest and a ready market to ensure a Great Sale

why we do it ! ...Because we are Farmers at heart and share in the Vision of Sustainable growth

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